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Corina Douglas

I live at the bottom of the world in the paradise of New Zealand with four crazy kids and a wonderful husband. When I’m not kiddo wrangling and running my editing business, Burning Legacies Publishing, I can be found doing yoga or with my nose in a good book. 

I write fantasy based on Celtic Mythology. You’ll find my stories full of fast-paced action and kick-butt heroes. My main aim as an author is to make you FEEL. I want you to love my characters and to hate them. I want you to cry when things get tough, and cheer them on when they have a win.

So, make sure you strap yourself in for an emotionally charged ride!



1st September 2020

Readers' Favourite • Gold Medal Winner

Daughter of Winter, won the GOLD medal in the Fiction - Mythology genre for the 2020 Readers' Favourite awards!

Daughter of Winter is the first book in a gripping fantasy series based on the legends behind the winter goddess, Cailleach Bheur. The series draws you into a world of Celtic mythology, powerful Druids, dark magic, and fated mates.

Reader discretion: Please be advised this book contains PG-13 violence and some sexual content.

Daughter of Winter Series

Book 1

Some choose to fight the darkness; others become it.

Book 2

She thought she was ready to embrace her destiny. She was wrong.

Book 3

What is power without control?

Book 4

One thing is certainthey'll need a legion to fight the coming storm. 

Book 5

Releasing 30th May 2021

Book 6

Final in the series - releasing 2021.

Prequel - Book 0

Prophecy demands Gage have absolute dominion over his Druidic powers.


Fate had dealt me a cruel blow, but I had also helped it along. I’d been guided, often forced by its actions. My breath whooshed out of my chest as guilt racked my body at memories of how I’d treated Brydie—how I still treated Brydie. I knew why I did it—I’d always known. She was a blade that cut too deep, a disease that I couldn’t eradicate. Somehow, no matter my defences, no matter my actions, the last Daughter of Winter—my Daughter of Winter—had gotten under my goddamned skin.

~ Gage ~