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Hey there, I’m Corina. I write stories and edit manuscripts.

I’m also a mother to four crazy kids and wife to a wonderful husband.

When I’m not kiddo wrangling or running my editing business, Burning Legacies Publishing, I can be found exploring the forest, doing that stretchy yoga thing, or with my nose in a good book. 

One of my favourite places to walk–the forest

I’ve been an avid reader and writer for as long as I can remember. Birthdays and Christmas money was always spent on accumulating my growing pile of precious paperbacks, and any spare moment not spent playing sport was dedicated to reading about adventures or writing my own.

I have roots with Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. My family on both sides includes the McIntosh’s, the Macaskill’s, the Graham’s, and the Douglas’s. I’ve always been fascinated in my heritage, and writing these stories enables me to give free rein to my creative muse.

Certified Editor

As well as being a self-published author, I’m also a certified editor who offers a range of editing services for indie authors in both US and UK English at Burning Legacies Publishing. 

As an author, I completely understand the process of going from the messy, first draft to the final, published manuscript. There is no denying that it is scary submitting your manuscript to an editor (no matter whether it is your first or not), but it doesn’t need to be—not if you’ve done your homework and found the right editor for your needs.

A professional edit can be an exciting process that both the author and the editor enjoy. Given there is a lot of trust involved, it is vitally important to find the editor that best suits your style and your voice. So, with that said, I encourage you to contact me for a free sample edit to find out if we’re a perfect match.